Footers For Pergolas & Screen Closers

Footers For Pergolas & Screen Closers

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When it comes to pergola and screen enclosures, Azevedo's Backyards in Orlando is a trusted paving contractor of high-quality footers. These footers play a crucial role in ensuring the stability and durability of your outdoor structures. Here are some key aspects of the footers for pergolas and screen enclosures.

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Solid Foundation

The footers are designed to provide a solid foundation for your pergola or screen enclosure. Azevedo's Backyards understands the importance of a stable structure and ensures that the footers are properly sized and constructed to withstand the elements and prevent shifting or settling over time. This solid foundation ensures the longevity and safety of your outdoor space.

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Our paver company in Orlando offers customization options for your home or office's footers. We take into consideration the size and design of your pergola or screen enclosure to ensure that the footers are tailored to meet your specific needs. This customization ensures a perfect fit and optimal support for your outdoor structure.

paver patio installed by Azevedo's Backyards

Quality Materials

Azevedo's Backyards uses only high-quality materials for your footers. Our local paving contractors understand that using durable and long-lasting materials is essential for the overall integrity of your outdoor space. With our expertise, our team selects the appropriate materials based on the specific requirements of your pergola or screen enclosure, ensuring optimum stability and performance.

Professional Installation

Our paver installation company in Orlando has a team of experienced professionals who handle the installation of the footers for your pergola or screen enclosure. We have the knowledge and skills to properly excavate the area, prepare the foundation, and securely install the footers. Our attention to detail and precision ensure a seamless and efficient installation process.

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With Azevedo's Backyards in Orlando, you can expect footers for your pergola or screen enclosure that are not only functional but also built to last. We pride ourselves on offering a top-rated service that exceeds your expectations. Call for a free quote today!

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"Absolutely beautiful work and very professional. I love the pathway they put in the backyard so much I asked them to fix the bad landing at the bottom of the front steps too. They also added a lovely border for my plants. Don't hesitate!"

- Mary D. Kissimmee, FL

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"Augusto and his team were AMAZING! The sales and planning phase with Augusto was seamless and he was so patient and helpful with my specific pavers color request. The installation crew were punctual, did excellent quality work, and made sure everything was cleaned up. I highly recommend Azevedo's Backyards. I am so happy with my paver driveway installation, their fair price & great customer service from start to finish!!"

- Tammy G. Golden Oak, FL

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"Azevedo's responded almost immediately when I posted the job midweek. We spoke, I described the project and they confirmed this was the kind of work that was in their wheelhouse. They came out Friday and completed the repair (a brick veneer was shearing off the column to which it was attached). They meticulously removed the brick veneer, separated it into single bricks, and then re-laid the single bricks to the column. Looks good as new. The team shows up on time, works hard, and produces quality work. Highly recommended!"

- Darryl O. Apopka, FL

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"This is a great company. The team is hardworking, punctual, and highly responsible.They used good quality materials. The outcome (driveways, etc.) looks amazingly beautiful. We are 100% satisfied and highly recommend it."

- Martha G. Longwood, FL

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